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But this is the law as far as Wales is concerned. Magistrates were told the dog ignored the shocks and kept on escaping. It was known at a local kennels as the dog with the shock collar. Mr Pook admitted the offence but claimed he didnt know the collars had been made illegal. Electric shock collars, which are used to train unruly cats and dogs, were banned by the Welsh Assembly last March. The collars are still legal in England and Scotland. However, their legality is due to be debated in Parliament at Westminster and in Scotland. The Electronic Collars Manufacturers Association has denied that use of such collars is painful to dogs. On its website, the organisation says: Mild static stimulation that your dog feels [is] designed to be undesirable so your dog will avoid it, yet is totally harmless and humane. The association said dogs learned in small stages, and therefore it takes an average 10 minutes twice a day for two weeks for a dog to be trained wearing an electronic collar. The Welsh regulation prohibits the use of any electronic collar designed to give a dog or cat an electric shock.

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